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"Every story has meaning. Be sure to listen closely. "  -Dezi Golden

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BreathHealer Book I


Do you have a "tell"? The shade of blue in her eyes should reveal her "gift" but no one can know.

The town has reticent energy.

The tall, gorgeous stranger could expose her but doesn't.

It all awaits discovery in sleepy little Olman, New Mexico. BreathHealer Book I is an unforgettable novel about the secrets we keep and the honor we so desperately seek.  

As the story begins, a terribly tragic accident threatens to reveal Kaileigh's lifelong secret. Would you save someone's life if it meant you'd be an imprisoned lab-rat for the rest of yours? As Kai steps into a world of rules, discipline, humility, and respect she discovers there are those who are murderous betrayers hidden amongst those...who could never be!  

A spine-tingling story, with hauntingly evil intent, that cannot compete with the greatest of all human experiences. BreathHealer Book I will enthrall adults, teens, and anyone who relishes an adventure in love conquering all.


BreathHealer Book II


Family secrets revealed.
With betrayal and deception, can love really persevere? Does it win?
Kai wonders if a life of honor, respect, loyalty, and love can be lived in Olman.
BreathHealer Book II is the continuation of Kaileigh Palemana’s unforgettable story and her quest to live what her training has taught her.
What he has taught her.
With her young niece now burdened, Kai feels even more responsible. There's always the fear of being personally exposed but, going forth needing to protect the family now creates a whole new level of trepidation.
He's still by her side though...


The Kris


A body surfaces, then another…and another?  
Could there really be a serial killer in the tiny town of Olman?

Marney Jade seems to have it all. Known as Olman’s potty-mouth, genius detective she’s confident with her knack for solving cases.
Supportive family. Gorgeous boyfriend. Successful career.  
She has it all, maybe…
As the case turns more serious, the FBI takes over. Agent Mike Taylon walks right into Marney's life...without a warning.  
Will he ruin her reputation? Will he prove to be just as useless and disrespectful as the boss she already has?  
When Marney digs deeper into the reasoning behind such heinous acts, she's introduced to a world unknown to her, 
unknown to most.
A chilling novel about human disregard and the types that live to put a stop to it. What would you do if evil came to town?

The Kris will enrapture adults and those who enjoy a chilling “who done it”.

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Guide to Living with CPTSD


Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or unexplainable anger?

Do you notice you have a fear of abandonment even from people you don’t really like?

How about relationships? Are you disappointed with the relationships in your life or those you’ve attracted in the past?

What if this isn’t that you’re a “difficult” person but instead you’ve learned difficult “processing” in order to survive?

A devastating fact about suffering CPTSD symptoms is that most of us don't even know we have it.

With PTSD getting most of the attention these days, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder takes a backseat leaving victims dis-regulated and headed toward auto-immune disorders. With our bodies, our minds, and our souls dis-aligned, we’re left with an option of anti-depressant numbness or worse, a disease.

What if there’s a better way to new processing?

Tired of the Human DO-ing of life?

Find your true Human Be-ing with the Guide to Living with CPTSD.

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Soul of a Tantric


What if the love within you is enough, you just need that special someone who convinces you there's more to explore?

Ever been brought to the edge of madness only to feel entirely and unequivocally whole?

Demi Greer isn’t the type of woman a man can forget. Undercover agent Riordan Tate thinks years, time, and distracting cases will eventually diffuse the fire she's ignited within him. When he’d successfully took down cartel leader Teo Laczano, he knew he had set her free, he just didn’t expect to feel such contrition. 

Tate, even in a world of secrets, is able to know his truths without ever having to say anything out loud - until the day she walks uninvited into the current case he’s working. Suddenly, his secret world goes from manageable to out of control…or rather, tantrically in control. 

There’s no denying the Soul of a Tantric.

Dezi Golden is an American author who resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Her unique growth in treating wellness and intimacy coaching clients combined with personal experiences paves the way for her intriguing novels. To learn more or receive your autographed copy contact Dezi at

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In a Weekend


   For years Enya Ryan has endured a loveless marriage haunted by her ex’s self-absorbed behaviors and financial abuse. Upon finding him, yet again, in bed with another unsuspecting victim, Enya ventures off to the tiny town of Hixon at her sister’s insistence. Exhausted from disappointment, she expects to ignore her woes with breezy days on the beach and quiet nights filled with book editing. Hixon Island has other plans as does its local hero, paramedic Ayson Ford. When Enya’s ex happens upon her weekend, nothing turns out breezy or quiet! Sometimes the unthinkable can ensue - in a weekend.

   In a Weekend is a recount of all that can take place to the heartbroken in mere moments. Golden reminds us that life is fragile and we’re shaped by the love we give…not the love we expect. That connection can begin so simply, when years of trying could never have even touched it.

Dezi Golden is an American author who resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Her experience in treating intimacy coaching clients combined with her civil service knowledge paves the way for her intriguing suspense and romance novels. To receive your autographed copy contact Dezi at

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