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"Be a character in life, end up a character in my novel."  -Dezi Golden


BreathHealer Book I


Do you have a "tell"? The shade of blue in her eyes should reveal her "gift" but no one can know.

The town has reticent energy.

The tall, gorgeous stranger could expose her but doesn't.

It all awaits discovery in sleepy little Olman, New Mexico. BreathHealer Book I is an unforgettable novel about the secrets we keep and the honor we so desperately seek.  

As the story begins, a terribly tragic accident threatens to reveal Kaileigh's lifelong secret. Would you save someone's life if it meant you'd be an imprisoned lab-rat for the rest of yours? As Kai steps into a world of rules, discipline, humility, and respect she discovers there are those who are murderous betrayers hidden amongst those...who could never be!  

A spine-tingling story, with hauntingly evil intent, that cannot compete with the greatest of all human experiences. BreathHealer Book I will enthrall adults, teens, and anyone who relishes an adventure in love conquering all.

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