It's time for you to realize the valuable guidance a personal life coach can give you...

(because you are worth it)

* Obtain a new zest for life

* Tap into new energy

* Find your ambition

Life-Coaching with Dezi!

Certified ExperRating Life Coach

Where to Begin?  Do you feel invisible?  Do you feel like no one gets you?

Is something off?  Does it feel like life should be better?  Wish someone could just give you
​some answers?


and what if it was affordable

What do you want for yourself?
Do you work but forget to play?
Do you feel balanced in all areas of life?
​Do you feel you are on a good path?

Pain is part of life….but, are you suffering?  Pain is and indication that something inside needs changing.  Let's get you to your best life now.

Discover, clarify, and align…

Life-coaching is a fun, affordable alternative to therapy.  It's a comprehensive process that may involve all areas of life including your work, finances, health, relationships, education, and recreation.  Life-coaching helps discover, clarify and align what you want to achieve for yourself, encourages self-discovery, along with creating solutions and strategies you can generate with some assistance.  Through coaching and supportive accountability, you can make more informed choices and move into desired action in order to complete your dreams and goals.

Not sure you want to admit you have a problem(s)?

    What if you had a solution by tommorow?  next week?  next year?

THINK back to who influenced you positively in your life so far.  Really helped you...had an answer.  Was is your doctor? a psychiatrist with medicine, a guidance couselor?


Was it a trusted mentor, and instructor or coach?  Did they inspire you somehow?  Wouldn't you life that again?

Life coaching is not just some fancy new wave career.  A life coach is an experienced human.  A teacher, a mentor, wellness specialist or adviser.

Life Coaches want to help you:

- make life decisions

- find your "happy"

- be content in you own skin

Think you have to have a major problem or crisis to need a life coach?  Nooooooo.  How about learning the skills to never have a problem or crisis?  Orrrrrr, wouldn't it be great to the the confidence to know you have the "tools" to deal with anything that comes in life.


Take a little time for you and check it out.


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Coaching: (per hour)
Personal Development Coaching Sessions.....strengths/weaknesses, assess needs, aspirations, self-confidence, life management, and social and personal relationships....
* $25 Office * $27 Phone * $29 Facetime/Skype *$25 Email/Messenger

Relationship Coaching Sessions.....improvement with interpersonal connections (kin, friends, colleagues, neighbors, associates, spouse, partner, kids) to increase fulfillment with relationships. Improve communication skills, deal with infidelity, divorce, separation and death.....
* $25 Office * $27 Phone * $29 Facetime/Skype * $25 Email/Messenger

Spiritual Coaching Sessions.....assistance in exploring self discovery, acceptance, contentment, sense of inner peace, well-being, life purpose, and values. Great for those desiring a deeper centering....
* $25 Office * $27 Phone * $29 Facetime/Skype * $25 Email/Messenger.

Career Coaching Sessions.....assessing suitability for different jobs, personality, strengths, preferences, changing careers and finding career satisfaction. Great for college students or those re-entering the workforce....
* $25 Office * $27 Phone * $29 Facetime/Skype * $25 Email/Messenger