“I really like the aromatherapy massage, angel card readings.  I really like Dezi, she's very nice and easy to talk to. She has a way of making you feel at ease and open up about your life and share things that you hold close to your heart. I can't think of anything else, she has an extensive list of services!”
                                                                                         Y. Meraz, Las Cruces, NM

"I have seen Dezi three different times and each time I have used the DeStressor and have been extremely happy with the results. The price is a bit steep hence the reason I have only been 3 times. Dezi is amazing at what she does. I would Love to get a facial that worked with my shoulders and face.”

                                                      R. Guttierez Las Cruces, NM

“My husband and I love the DeStressor and the BackRelaxer! They are amazing!!  Dezi is always professional and extremely knowledgeable! I couldn't think of one thing different I would ne                                                                      C. Getz, Las Cruces, NM

     “The therapy I love at DGT, is the massages that I've been scheduling (which is the BackRelaxer Massage and the Full Body Massage). Dezi is very caring to her clients and always ask before every session if anything is hurting. She is very gentle when it comes to helping heal a client's body and help coach what a client needs to work on to continue the healing process. 
     I love the ladies group sessions she holds every week. I have learned a lot and it is a safe place to share things you need help working on whether it's personal life, working on health issues, etc.

     Dezi is very warm hearted, she cares a lot about her clients. I appreciate all the education she gives me to help heal the body, mind, and soul.
     Dezi has been expanding her business, in my opinion she offers a lot that I really haven't heard of in Las Cruces in the past. She is doing amazing! I can't wait to see what she does for the future that will help heal the Las Cruces community bodies in a more holistic natural approach.”


D. Hernandez, Las Cruces, NM️

     “I've taken advantage of massages on two occasions. Both massages were quite relaxing. Dezi is personable, knowledgeable, and respectful of privacy.”

                             J. Lowry, Las Cruces, NM

     “My favorite is the BackRelaxer. Dezi is amazing. She's friendly and professional, I can't think of anything that isn't offered that I would use.”

                   D Martinez, Las Cruces, NM

     “I am absolutely in love with Dezi's massages! She truly has healing hands and is able to identify issues that may be going on not only physically in your body, but emotionally and spiritually. Her massages have helped my back troubles greatly and I always leave feeling renewed.
     I am also a big fan of her card readings. I have found much needed validation and peace in her readings.
     Dezi takes great pride in what she does and I greatly appreciate that she takes her time in any service she is providing. She genuinely cares for your well being. Dezi has the gift of leaving you feeling better and better every session you go to. A true delight and I am so grateful to have found her and have her services in my city!
     I feel that Dezi is excellent in constantly offering new and exciting services! Her service menu has a great variety to choose from that allows you to expand your options in healing.”

                                                                                J. Prieto, Las Cruces, NM

“My favorite DGT Service is definitely the BackRelaxer!! There is nothing like it! Total and complete attention to the most tensed up areas.

I love how Dezi makes me feel at home and completely comfortable. I liked the idea of massage but never loved getting one until I went to Dezi. I also like that she is on time and easy to schedule with. I feel Dezi is top notch in everything she does!

I am happy with the services being offered by DGT. Nothing new needs to be added for me.”                   
J. Britton, Las Cruces, NM

     “I don't have one favorite service. I loved the palmistry reading that my office did. We did a group share (according to comfort level) it was a great incite into our fellow coworkers.
     The reflexology sessions were amazing. They really helped ease some of the distress I was having.
     The Tarot Journaling class, that I attend, has given amazing incite to who I am, who I want to become, and how I can apply this to my everyday life.
     Dezi gives a calming and safe place to be able to express yourself without judgement. This does not mean that she does not tell you as it is. It means there is respect for opinions and offering a different perspective on viewing things.
     Since I am relatively new to this aspect of my life, I really as of yet do not know if there is anything new I would like. I think once I have experienced all that is offered now, and see new paths open to me, I'll know if there is a service she does not offer.”
                                                                                   E. Gonzales Las Cruces, NM

     “Thus far, my favorite service has been the massages provided Dezi Golden Therapies. If I had the time and funds, I'd have already tried everyone of her services. In addition to the physical relief provided by Dezi through massage, she provides spiritual correction and balance. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit. Dezi provides a safe, calm, and relaxing environment for her clients and always provides great personalized care.
     Dezi provides a very large array of services for the body, mind, and soul. I cannot think of a single thing missing from her practice. Anyone willing to consider any service she provides is going to benefit immensely.”

C. Frietze, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Body Therapies Menu
Body Therapies

When the mind and spirit are not working in sync, the body is an mazing indicator that something needs healing.  Ask yourself "Do I have pain?"  "Why do I feel this way?"  "Is this how I felt last year?"  If our body is trying to tell us something it's imperative that we listen before we develop a chronic condition or worse, a disease.  We have much more control than we think!

Here are a few services at

Dezi Golden Therapies:

     The most relaxing, non-painful massage I ever experienced!  And definitely one I have gone back to!  

                       J. Riley, Las Cruces, NM

      Every time I leave your place I feel 20 years younger.                                J. Jaques, Las Cruces, NM

​     Dezi is polite and professional.  The massages I have gotten from her leave me feeling fabulous.  Looking forward to my next appointment!  

                                                               A. Tuthill, Las Cruces, NM

     As soon as you enter Dezi Golden's feng-shued room you know you're someplace special.  You feel like you're in a protective cocoon - filled with cotton.  What is even more special are Dezi's soft voice and silky smooth touch.  You actually feel like you're floating when you walk out.  Her intuition comes through her hands as she does her therapeutic massage.  She'll tell you what is happening in your body.  Dezi worked her magic on my broken heart chakra.  After only 2 sessions, I had a euphoric illumination.  As a Dr. of Metaphysics, I had never even studied about such a wondrous event.  One morning some time afterwards, I felt my heart pounding out of my chest and my heart chakra started singing.  That is the best I can do to describe the feeling as there are no words that can give you that feeling.   My heart sang the rest of the day and well into the evening.  I wished this wondrous feeling could last forever.  What a beautiful world we would have if everyone could experience this love.  I wonder did the person I was standing next to feel it as well.                  J. Embury, Las Cruces, NM

What Clients Have to Say….

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