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What you had to say....

How did you meet Dezi Golden? What do you think should be shared about Dezi? What would you say is a challenge for her?

     She was the leader of a youth group I attended as a young teen. She is a WELL educated woman who has had a great deal of life experience and is more than capable of providing help to others. In all honesty, I don't think I can come up with any possible challenges for her. She is an amazing person. - B. Kathleen, Colorado.

Through a friend. She is able to do and complete anything she sets her mind to!

- Fidelity, New Mexico.

     Desiree is an extremely driven individual who works diligently towards all her goals. She is a published author! I know she is capable of handling any challenge successfully. From my prior experience and conversations with her I can say that she listens and analyzes very carefully and gives the best possible advice based on one's needs.

- N. Hitrova, New York, NY

Studied massage with her.The struggles she has been through have brought her where she is today, and she can take those and turn them into a learning experience for anyone. I don't think there would be a challenge for her as much as the challenge would be for the clients in understanding what she is there for them to do. - M. Petrie, Colorado

     Dezi and I met in Kindergarten, 35 years ago, became friends and family friends and continue to keep in touch. Dezi has shown a lifetime of successes to me. She continues to better herself through education and life experiences . She is very intelligent, ambitious, a definite people person, just a true, authentic individual. I do not foresee any challenges and if there are any, I have full confidence she will embrace them and overcome. - D. Pia, New Jersey

She was our daughter and son's Karate teacher. She was great with them. She's very patient, can see the future in her students/people not where they are now. That's huge. Some cannot get past all the work or encouragement in who is before them. She was always happy, encouraging and my children felt successful in her class. She's her own selling point. Once you meet her you'll know what I mean. She's a go getter, loves people and truly has a heart to want to help them be all they can be. She's really a genuine person and it shows. I think any client would pick that up once they got to know her. - D. Molizon, South Carolina

     I knew of Dezi many years before I actually met her because we lived in the same town, and I was her son's teacher. I did not come to actually know her until I read her tarot cards... We immediately formed a friendship that has lasted over several years and many miles. Dezi and I share a mutual desire for personal growth and have encouraged each other along our journeys.
     Dezi has a gift for being able to objectively assess very emotionally charged issues in a loving and calm fashion. She not only has the voice but she has the vocabulary necessary to accurately express herself. Her own dedication to personal growth appears to inspire her to encourage others to meet their goals and she is unbelievably selfless in her feedback. I am thrilled that she is pursuing this avenue ~ she will be a huge help to many.
     The only challenge I can imagine would be for Dezi to not allow others' personal limitations to diminish her feelings of accomplishment. - S. Quigley, Louisiana

Met her through Ageless medspa. Dezi has a way to connect to anyone, she is whole-hearted and wants the best for everyone around her, an outstanding mother, and an all around beautiful person. - V. Vasquez, Las Cruces, NM

Amazing person and my best friends mommy. Raised amazing kids and is a wonderful person. Can't really say there would be a challenge for her. - T.J. Naverette, NM

I met her through my best friend. Great listener! - P. Ortiz, Las Cruces, NM


I was a her karate student. She is an empowering woman. She has the ability to make her dreams come true. She has been a mentor for many different types of people. She is kind and caring with a black belt! I see no challenges for her. She has a shine about her that is contagious. She is true and genuinely cares for people, known and strangers. - T. Nuse, Burlington, NJ

We attended school together. Dedicated! - T. Alejandro, Las Cruces, NM

She attended MTTI where I was the admin counselor. She finishes what she sets out to do! - J. Fred, NM

One of life choices for growth in MTTI Schooling. Building their personal confidence and life goals. I do not see there being a challenge, for she is one who understands and finds all options when others think there is none!

- C. Vigil, Georgia

She’s my husband's cousin. She accomplishes in life! She was a cop, she wrote awesome books, she’s a massage therapist and I feel like she really enjoys helping others. She always gives great advice and she has been a great help for me recently when I was going through tough times. - A. Janska, TX

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Spirit Therapies

Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC

Body  *  Mind  *  Spirit

WE ARE GROWING!!! Come in for a session with Shinpiden Reiki Master, Jordon Kopreski and hear about his adventures in Peru to help you in your growth.  (575) 386-0356

Reiki Services

Traditional Reiki Sessions:
30 min quick session.....$40
60 min follow-ups....$65
90 min intake or reset.....$89
Couples Sessions (learn how to stay balanced/rekindle connection)......$120 hr.
Parent/Kid Session.....$110 hr.
3-or-more/Group Sessions.....$60 pp

3-Session Savings (60 min ea)...$175
1-Month Unlimited (60 min ea) appts must be made in advance...$250
Quarterly-Care Package (3 mos @ 60 min per week)...$590

Group Events:
Much more memorable than a dinner, wine & cheese party, or a movie. A nurturing, spiritual, and revitalizing experience for a whole family, group of friends, bridal shower, or staff meeting. Useful in creating better workplace communication, teamwork, and workplace spirituality. Create a very special ambiance in your home or bring balance into the workplace in a gentle and creative manner. Rates subject to size of group and distance. 932-9741 Las Cruces area

Private Workshops:
Any of our workshops or classes are available at your location for a group. Inquire about specifics and pricing.

Space Clearing & Blessing:
Clear your room, dorm, home or office of negative energy, revitalize and energize your intention for that space with a beautiful Space Cleansing Ceremony. Perfect for new home/business owners, those wishing to sell their current house, or anyone who needs to change up the feel of a stagnate space. Fee is usually paid for in a meal (so space energy can be discussed/corrected) or a donation to DGT private practice treatment rooms.

Other: (these are explained further down the page)

Soul Journey & Reiki Session...$98
90 minutes (fully clothed)

Holistic Indulgence Session.....$125
1hr 15mins (fully clothed; exposed feet only)

Reiki Healing & Card Reading Session with Dezi.....$60
60 min (fully clothed)

Nepal Singing Bowl Sessions with Jordon.....$40/$60
45 min/65 min (fully clothed)

Reflexology Sessions with Dezi.....$45
35mins (fully clothed; exposed feet/hands only)

Reikissage Sessions with Dezi.....$135
80 mins (DeStressor massage + Reiki clearing)

Customizable packages are available, please inquire at Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC. (575) 932-9741

What is Reiki?
Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on healing that works to balance the life force, or ki, of the body. Sometimes referred to as “energy work”, Reiki treats the whole person including the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It can help access the emotional component that may be affecting physical pain. It is a gentle, non-invasive, informational, and healing technique that can restore well-being. Many people feel the flow of Reiki differently, some common sensations include warmth, light pressure, tingling, seeing colors, and an overall feeling of calm. Memories or emotions may surface in the healing process and Reiki aims to release traumas stored in the physical body leaving the body in its healed state. Our bodies are made of energy that flow through us in meridians and chakra points, as well as, around us in our etheric body and aura. When we become ill, suffer from a physical injury, or even an emotional trauma it disturbs the vibration and flow of energy. Many times illness will first present itself in the energy field before physically manifesting in the body.

**When one receives Reiki, the goal is to ensure energy is properly flowing through the entire body in a harmonized state and also help speed the healing process of physical injuries by harmonizing the vibration of energy in that area**

Reiki has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, provide relief of acute and chronic pain which can often be the root cause of mental and emotional illness, reduce blood pressure, and detoxify the body. After a Reiki session, most people feel very relaxed. You may feel as though you have just taken a nap or had a massage. Some may feel momentarily drowsy, while some feel energized and go about their normal day. It can be helpful to take a warm bath with Epsom salts to aid the body in detoxifying.

* stress reduction and relaxation
* accelerates the body’s self healing abilities
* promotes sleep
* reduces blood pressure
* helps relieve pain
* may help relieve acute injuries
* supports immune system
* increases vitality
* helps balance energy flow bringing body into balance and harmony
* helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing (sooooo important!)
* is a natural and holistic healing
* loosens blocked energy
* cleanses toxins and impurities
* promotes the release of emotions and stress
* increases awareness and intuitiveness
* eases fatigue and frustration
* enhances quality of life for the ill

What to Expect in Your Session
You will remain clothed for your session and lay down on a massage table. The room will be cleansed (smudged) and ready with soothing music. All you need to do is breathe and sink down into a relaxed state. Questions will come here and there as your body is scanned and evaluated with energy tools. A few more questions may follow as determinations are made on the best treatment modality. Your trained practitioner here at DGT is doing “detective” work or “energy deductions” to tailor your session for exactly what your body calls for. The body is the third indicator to us for what is going on in the Spirit * Mind * Body series. Our goal is to realign the body, inspire your mind with answers and suggestions, and send you off to work on spiritual connection. Much, or all of this, can be facilitated with light, non-invasive touch or no body-contact, if desired.

Generally, you will notice the warmth of your practitioners hands and experiences deep relaxation, sometimes drifting off to a sleep-like state (encouraged). Chakras (energy points/cylinders) on the body will be energetically opened, treated (various tools are used to reset and align vibration your body needs, i.e. sound, light, water, air, scent, reiki hands, etc.) and then the energy will be checked. Depending on imbalances or blocks, your practitioner may ask more questions to get to foundational issues and help you release what is no longer needed in the body. Once your energy is flowing at a pace comfortable for you and showing alignment, your chakras will be closed in this healthy state. Clients sometimes see objects, scenes, color, or words. They may feel super calm and euphoric or a bit agitated. This is all perfectly normal. Most report back deep REM sleep and an energy to “change” things. Most continue to return weekly and after a year, can hardly recognize their happy life and emotional state, from the person they used to be. This is all wonderful since life is about following purpose and journey and Reiki has been around for years (energy work, thousands of years) because IT WORKS!!

At the end of the session your practitioner will communicate what was observed, by both of you, offering ideas and tools for bringing balance or creating an energy shift. The effects of Reiki are generally cumulative; people who don’t notice much after the first treatment generally have progressively deeper experiences with continued treatment. You get to choose whats best for you. Reiki, and any of our energy work, is not about religion and will not interfere with your beliefs although some may impress this upon you. In our treatment rooms, everyone is equal because energy is undeniable! See how amazing your life can be.

Special Sessions here at Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC.:

Soul Journey & Reiki Session...$98
90 minutes (fully clothed)

Often times, no matter what age, we hear “I feel lost.” This is perfectly normal and means that it's time to work on the soul's journey. This session is unique in that is clears out old energy patterns from the body, brings forth perceived limitations, and belief systems that no longer serve. We begin with intake questions and a numerology workup based on your life numbers. Next, we evaluate your energy systems and clear away blocks, overactive, and under active chakras in your body. This leaves us with a new energy flow and intentions we can set for your life purpose journey. Various tools are used to set your energy, for example pendulums, Reiki hands, crystals, oils, Nepal Handmade Singing Bowls, and acupressure on meridians of the body. Your body will tell us whats needed, then we help you connect the mind and spirit so you are aligned and can take the best steps for your life's purpose! There may be homework, or follow-up sessions needed, but we promise you, if you do the work...the rewards are dreams that manifest and fulfillment. Your soul knows, we just help you get on the right track.
90 minute intake.....$98
60 minute follow-ups....$49
30 minute reset.....$39
Couples Sessions......$149

Holistic Indulgence Session.....$125
1hr 15mins (fully clothed; exposed feet only)

     This session is good for the client that wants to experience everything to see what their body responds to. A sampler of our services! This is also a great gift for a bride, Mom's birthday, the best friend, the groom, anyone healing from trauma, that new graduate, a student finishing up another semester, or basically anyone needing a day of self-care!
     It begins with an ionic foot detox bath (fully clothed) to soothe and relax the 7,200 nerve endings in the client's feet. Next, 15 minutes of essential oil reflexology stimulates healing in the body from feet to head. The remaining 30 minutes is dedicated to balancing the body chakras and resetting the energy cylinders with Reiki to prepare the body, mind, and spirit for any new adventures.

75 minutes.....$125
2 practitioners, 60 minutes....$99
Couples/Friends Sessions, 2 practitioners 2 hrs.....$199

Synergy Sessions with Dezi & Jordon...$110
55 mins (fully clothed)

We will set aside time with you and merge our healing gifts together to customize your intuitive session. We include (female/male side) Reiki healing from both of us simultaneously, using crystals, sound healing from Nepal Singing Bowls, tuning forks, and aura/vision/impression/insight interpretations specific to your body vibration. This session is unlike our others in that it is specific to what your energy calls for and needs. We've shortened the session time with recommendation from our clients since this session can be described as “beautifully exhausting”. Together, we three, can create energy medicine. (you don't want to miss this experience!!)

Reiki Healing & Card Reading Session with Dezi.....$60
60 min (fully clothed)

A unique healing session where you experience healing chakra balancing with Reiki energy and then use that energy for your tailored card reading session! At DGT, we use your energy on your chosen tarot or angel cards for a more accurate and personalized experience. This session is all about you.

Nepal Singing Bowl Sessions with Jordon.....$40/$60
45 min/65 min (fully clothed)

Your private session will begin with the root chakra singing bowl to begin assisting with your physical, mental, and emotional cleansing. Imagine being immersed within soothing, deeply nourishing, sound vibrations that resonate through your body and sync with your breath. Each chakra will be nourished through the powerful vibrations of these ancient healing bowls. Many describe their sessions as “familiar sounds and vibration that brought me deep peace and inner balance” or “a singing meditation that felt like years of stress lifted off my shoulders”. You won't believe how this feels!!
Dezi is also available for sessions...$55/$75

Reflexology Sessions with Dezi.....$45
35mins (fully clothed; exposed feet/hands only)

This experience is a relaxing session that includes essential oil infused foot/hand reflexology and healing based on which chakras are imbalanced. Since the entire body can be reset through the feet/hands, select reflex points are held (acupressure) and organs activated for internal energy healing, then the external body is reset leaving you feel relaxed, calm, refreshed, emotionally uplifted and connected. This is for the client that doesn't mind touch along with energy balancing. Promotes healthy sleep!

Reikissage Sessions with Dezi.....$135
80 mins (DeStressor massage + Reiki clearing)

This experience is an hour of our DeStressor Massage (posterior of body) focusing on Myofascial Release of emotion and stress from the body then ending with Reiki chakras clearing and balancing. During this session, the client will undress to their comfort level and be safely draped under the sheets during the massage. Reiki can be done through the sheets so the client is encouraged to continue to relax while Reiki is completed. This is for the client that doesn't mind touch along with energy balancing. Promotes reset, balance, happiness and healthy sleep!

Feng Shui Sessions with Dezi.....$25
     This ancient art of arranging your life environments for harmony and balance is proven to bring what we all seek, happiness!  Try it for your main living areas, your kitchen, bedrooms, office, car, and even your wardrobe!  So much fun and great for a happy spirit.

Sometimes you need a little something different…



30 min....$40 * 60 min....$65
90 min....$89 * 120 min.....$120
Parent w/Child.....$110
Groups.....pp $60
3-Session Savings (60 min)...$175
1-Month 2 x wk (60 min)...$250
3-Mos Pkg 60 min per week...$590
Soul Journey & Reiki...$98
Holistic Indulgence Session.....$125
Reiki & Card Reading.....$60
Nepal Singing Bowl Sessions.....$60
Reikissage with Dezi.....$135