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Life Coaching Sessions $45/$25

(In person, via phone, text, skype, email, or facetime for your convenience)

Customized Essential Oil Massage  $85

Card Readings  $15-$45

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Meditation Massage

PEMS Massage

Hypnotherapy Sessions

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Sometimes we need a little more.  For the body to function well, it's imperative that the mind is happy.  We have solution based life coaching sessions to work through tough issues AND get to the other side!  Hypnotherapy (Feb 2017) for when we need to change a belief to something better and readings to help with manifesting new goals!





Body Therapies, Mind Therapies, and Spirit Therapies

for the Whole Familiy!

Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC

Body  *  Mind  *  Spirit

At times, life can get a bit out-of-sorts and your body will let you know (it's a wonderful compass).  When you are ready for a complete "reset" we offer our Reiki and Chakra Balancing therapies.

From family massage therapy to essential oil treatments, reflexology and palmistry, we offer elite body therapies for healing.  Tailored for each client's specific needs ages infant to elderly.  Professional, experienced, licensed, and insured therapists!



Quick Glance Menu:

Back Relaxer Massage  $65

DeStressor Massage $75

Veteran Massage $50

College Student Massage $45

Full Body Massage $99

Deep Tissue Massage $105

Reflexology $39

Swedish Massage $90

Prenatal Massage $85

Sports Massage $90

Hot Stone Massage $125

Infant/Child Massage $35

Medical Massage $85

Aromatherapy $65 

​Chakra/Reiki  $89/$45

Palmistry  $75